Our Mission

Arcand and Associates is a service oriented firm focused on performance and innovation which supports all types of organization (governmental, para governmental or private) in its talent search. We are an extension of your human resources department and we never compromise on our image or excellence of services. We have only one goal: track down the perfect match for our clients while keeping a high level of integrity and efficiency

Our logo represents all of our corporate values.

The migration of birds is one of the best examples of teamwork that nature can offer us. It is also a long-term task where every individual aims toward the same goal. The migration is going both ways depending on the season and this is a good reflection of the spirit with which we want to develop our relationship with customers. These birds survive because they are able to adapt. Together they form an ‘A’ which is the highest score given to those who deliver high quality work. Finally, the choice of birds in flight has a humorous side given to the expression ‘head hunter ‘.