Our Specialties

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    Sales and Marketing
    financialOur expertise as head hunter at the level of Sales and Marketing is enriched by our personal experience of over ten years. We fill positions at all levels: President, Sales and/or Marketing Vice-president, National Director, Regional Director, Key Account Director, Supervisor, Manager and Coordinator, Marketing Director, Communication Director, Product Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Specialist, Category Analyst, Market Analyst, Project Manager, etc.
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    Manufacturing and Engineering
    manifacturThis division covers administrative, professional, corporate and operational positions in different type of industries. Our team recruits highly qualified professionals for the following positions: General Manager, Operations Vice-president, Purchasing and Supply Chain Vice-president, Operations Director or Manager, Plant Manager, Engineering Director, Production Manager, Maintenance Manager, Quality Assurance Director, Continuous Improvement Manager, Supply Chain Director, Transportaion Manager, Logistic Manager, Laboratory Manager, R & D Director , etc. As well as all position of management of first level.
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    Legal Services
    justiceOur legal department is entrusted with mandates to recruit lawyers and notaries for positions in business and private firms. Whether a legal officer, chief compliance, Director of Legal Affairs or Vice President Legal Affairs, businesses can count on us to help them find the perfect candidate.

    Law firms use our services when looking for lawyers of a specific field and with a particular profile. They also contact us, if they wish to get their hands on a professional to help them better their practice with an existing customer or develop a new sector.

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    International Mining division

    financialOur International Mining division is expanding rapidly.
    We have the top experimented Talent Acquisition Consultants ready to respond to your needs. With our established, ACTIVE AND AVAILABLE candidate pool in our global mining network, our LARGE SCALE recruitment project experience and Executive specialized search expertise we can service you where ever you are in the WORLD! You have a mining project on the rise? We have the expertise to help you reach your operational goals!

    We have and ACTIVE and AVAILABLE top candidate pool in the following countries:

    Africa – Morocco, Algeria, Soudan, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, DRC, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Liberia, Gabon, Mozambique and Egypt.
    Saudi Arabia – Qatar, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates
    France – France, New Caledonia
    Madagascar Republic – Madagascar
    Australia – Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria
    South America – Brazil, Chili, Peru
    Americas – USA, Canada (Including: Quebec, Nunavut, Yukon, Nova Scotia, and Labrador)

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    Human Resources, Finance and Accounting

    Our skills of human resources cover positions of: Vice President and director of Human Resources, director of labor relations, director of environment, health and safety, organizational development and staffing director, compensation and benefits director, human resources advisor, labor relations consultant, environment, health and safety advisor, training consultant, compensation and benefits advisor, etc…

    In our financial division, we fill the mid-level positions such as branch manager, regional manager, financial planner, investment advisor, mobile mortgage sales force and commercial account manager;

    In terms of Accounting, our customers, businesses or accounting firms, use our services to recruit the best professionals in intermediate positions and up to the Vice President of Finance position.

    We are also called to fill market analyst positions, portfolio managers and traders but also more specific positions in specific markets. Our clients include institutional investors, regulatory agencies and private management firms.