Corporate Secretary and Director of Legal Affairs
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Pierre Arcand

Our client, a public company, is looking for a corporate secretary and director of legal affairs to complete its team based in Montreal. Senior manager, under the responsibility of the General Management of the Company, the Corporate Secretary and Director - Legal Affairs sees to the execution of all the functions of the secretariat and its management in terms of legal affairs and company regulations as well as files concerning governance, ethics, compliance, access to information and document management . She or he is keen to promote teamwork and consultation. Constantly driven by the desire to ensure rigorous budget management, improve performance, efficiency and quality of services, he or she represents the corporate secretariat and its management for legal and corporate governance issues. company . More specifically she or he: Assumes responsibility for the legal affairs of the Company and acts as Corporate Secretary of the Company, Defines and sees to the application of strategies, orientations, policies and objectives of the Corporate Secretariat and Legal Affairs while ensuring their respect; Designs, implements, directs and controls the systems and programs of its sectors of activity; Supports the implementation of the strategies retained in the business plan; Favors management by consultation of the divisions under its responsibility; Manages the human resources of its direction; Responsible for the sound management of the administrative and budgetary processes of his department. For the Corporate Secretariat: Is responsible, in conjunction with the person assuming the chairmanship of the board of directors, for the ordinary or extraordinary meetings of the board as well as of the board committees (agendas, seals, documents, archives, minutes, resolutions, contracts, opinions, etc.) .); In collaboration with the Chair of the Board of Directors and General Management, contributes to the proper functioning of the Board of Directors according to the best governance practices in effect; Ensures the coordination role of the Governance and Sustainable Development Committee; Ensures the management of information and the protection of personal information; Ensures the proper communication of the Company's decisions to all authorities and persons concerned, in all appropriate forums. For the Legal Affairs Department: Ensures the provision of legal services to the various sectors of the Company, using management or specialized external resources (except for Labor Relations) and adopts the appropriate programs; Acts as a resource person for the various sectors of the Company for any question of a legal nature and ensures that all files of a legal nature or with legal consequences are handled; Ensures the obtaining of the approvals required by law or regulations for the various transactions, verifies and approves the contracts and other important commitments of the Company; Is responsible for claims, lawsuits and litigation files that require the intervention of the Legal Affairs Department, and takes the appropriate decisions; Encourages the search for best practices in all sectors under its jurisdiction, with a view to keeping up with the evolution of the Company's needs, particularly in terms of preventive and curative legal services, corporate secretarial services and document management; Maintains business relations with the various departments of the company, employees and union partners; Represents the company and defends its interests before administrative bodies and various government bodies in the context of important decisions; Assumes all tasks and responsibilities inherent to his position or which may be entrusted to him.
Requirements: a university degree (bachelor's degree) in law; Have a minimum of 12 years of experience in the field, including 8 years in management; Be a member in good standing of the Barreau du Québec; Any combination of training and experience deemed relevant will be considered. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITY TO DEMONSTRATE: The company's management advocates a management style focused on communication, commitment and employee recognition. The person sought must have qualities with respect to: Customer orientation, results-oriented, quality of judgment, courage to act, mobilizing communication, strategic thinking and political sense; Master the usual micro-computing tools of the MS-Office suite; Excellent knowledge of the Act respecting transport companies, the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information; Knowledge of English is an asset