Finance and Accounting
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Pierre Arcand

Reporting directly to general management, the controller plans, directs, coordinates and controls the recording, analysis, interpretation and internal and public communication of all financial, budgetary and accounting activities of the Pension Committee. The controller advises the general director and exercises his leadership within the Office, at the level of the audit committee of the pension committee and with external stakeholders including government authorities.
Financial transactions and monitoring
• Directs all accounting and financial activities of the BR, with the support of an accounting technician;
• Ensures the management, maintenance and control of the computerized accounting system in order to reflect the financial transactions of the committee;
• Produces bank and other reconciliations, with the support of an accounting technician;
• Ensures cash flow management;
• Supervises currency conversion transactions made by the securities custodian;
• Coordinates capital calls from managers;
• Supervises class action requests made by the securities custodian and the specialized firm retained by the Committee;
• Supervises the recovery of taxes paid on certain foreign investments in collaboration with the securities custodian and the specialized firm retained by the Committee;
• Monitors the managed commission agreement with certain Plan managers
Production of financial statements and budget monitoring
• Prepares the forecast budget and monitors budgetary developments. Performs budget monitoring and reports to the Director General and the Committee of any potential discrepancies;
• Produces quarterly and annual financial statements and all related management reports and reports them to the Committee;
• Coordinates the annual process of review of the financial statements by the independent auditor;
• Ensures payment of supplier accounts and monitoring of contractual agreements;
• Ensures accountability to government authorities;
• Represents the BR before financial institutions and the independent auditor.
Support for HR management and governance
• Performs employee payroll with the help of a specialized firm;
• Coordinates the preparation of tax statements, end of employment statements and others;
• Assumes an advisory and support role with colleagues;
• Develops management and control tools, administrative and financial policies and procedures and ensures their implementation;
• Verifies, using regular procedures, the effectiveness of the internal control in place throughout the BR;
• Supports the audit committee of the pension committee.
• CPA accounting title
• University degree in accounting, finance or management
• Bilingualism • Excellent writing and oral communication skills
• Sense of ethics and professional responsibility
• Demonstrated ability to work collegially
• Autonomy, flexibility and creativity • Mobilizing leadership