Benoit Parent

Graduate from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Commerce, Benoit has held several management positions in the sales industry, from middle management to executive management positions. Having started his career as a sales representative, Benoit has a very good understanding of what is required from an individual to succeed in sales and in business development.

He has worked in various industries from retail, medical sales, media/advertising and telecommunications. He has worked for  prestigious companies such as, Procter&Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Bell Actimedia (Yellow Pages), Telus Mobility, Trader Corp, Quebecor Media, Postmedia and Bell Media Inc.

Benoit has also worked 7 years as an expatriate on general management mandates in the USA, France and the United Arab Emirates.

Benoit is responsible for the recruitment of sales and business development positions at all levels, from sales representatives to executive management.

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